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Interior designer, gaming industry business and community ops, and 25th great-granddaughter of Henry II, the first Plantagenet king. Obsessed with dogs, champagne, and making things unnecessarily extra.

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WC aka Powder Room Reveal

After nearly a year of not leaving the house or having really -anything- of note happen in my life, I’ve finally got something worthy of posting on this site. Bathroom reveals. I won’t prattle on about life or random thoughts…


Our English Wedding pt.3 (The Wedding Breakfast)

If you missed part 2, click here. Our special day continued with our Wedding Breakfast! Why the British call this part “breakfast” when it’s just dinner, I’ll never know. Some Brits even call dinner “tea”, while “tea” is “a brew”,…


Our English Wedding pt.4 (The Night Begins)

If you missed part 3, click here. We’d all been drinking since noon, myself since 10am. It was high time to start the party. Some of us changed into more comfortable clothing (ranging from party dresses to Sacriel brand t-shirts…


Our English Wedding pt.2 (The Cocktail Hour)

If you missed part 1, click here. After our ceremony (which I’m happy to say was kept to about 20 minutes), we got to properly greet our guests during a lovely cocktail hour with jazz trio accompaniment and canapés. This…


Our English Wedding pt.1 (The Ceremony)

Hi friends. It’s been a while. Sure, I’ve remained incredibly active on Twitter, and perhaps less so on Instagram, but can you blame me? It’s been a ridiculously busy two years. First, we got engaged. Then Chris’ work demands exploded…


My Ketogenic Diet, Part 2: What I Eat

Part 1 of My Ketogenic Diet series was published recently so if you haven’t checked it out yet, click below! My Ketogenic Diet, Part 1: The Basics Now, the hardest part of any diet is the food selection and management.…


My Ketogenic Diet, Part 1: The Basics

Everyone diets at some point. Not always does it work and rarely is it enjoyable. To be entirely honest, diets SUCK. We feel punished and self-loathing, and think of doing awful things to people if it meant we could eat…


Elegant Education – How to Properly Drink Champagne

With New Years Eve upon us, it’s obviously time to start thinking about Champagne. There are so many varieties, flavors, prices, and stemware to choose from, that you may feel a bit daunted. How does one choose the perfect champagne?…


A new year, a new venture!

“To success, and nothing less.” – Snoop Dogg Welcome to the launch of! Just by reading this, you are helping me achieve one of my greatest wishes! Seeing this baby go live has been a dream of mine for…


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